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Chiropractic Spinal Reconstruction

In addition to relief care, Chiropractic Spinal Reconstruction is an approach that focuses on correcting the alignment of the spine towards that which is known to be clinically and scientifically normal and optimal. This has benefits not only for the physical health of the spine itself, but also for the proper function of the spinal cord inside and nerve roots exiting the spine.

The number one influence affecting how your spine moves and how well your spinal cord is able to transmit vital nerve impulse to every cell, organ and tissue in your body is proper ALIGNMENT. Therefore, the effects of correcting poor spinal alignment are profound.

There are literally billions of processes and functions that are affected by improper spinal alignment. Here are just a few reasons why we embrace the Chiropractic Spinal Reconstruction approach:

  • reduced spinal degeneration due to abnormal forces on spinal joints and discs (Wolff’s Law)
  • decreased spinal cord tension and global nerve interference
  • long term solution to chronic mechanical back or neck pain
  • improved neuro-physiological function
  • improved sensory and muscle function
  • enhanced physical performance

Subluxation Degeneration Wolff's Law

Chiropractic Spinal Reconstruction is strongly backed by biomechanics, neurology, physics and scientifically based technique systems that are scientifically proven to be effective. (visit our reference section). The most respected and researched spinal reconstruction technique system is Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). There are approximately 140 peer-reviewed publications involving CBP internationally and it is taught at many chiropractic colleges as part of the core curriculum. There are several different levels of certification and training within CBP and some chiropractors use it exclusively in their practices, while others use it as part of their clinic skill set and patient services.

The analytical tools used with Chiropractic Spinal Reconstruction include a complete health profile, including a history of health problems and traumas, a physical examination of the spine and a detailed analysis of your posture, and in most cases includes x-ray analysis.

There are many different types of adjusting techniques utilized to accomplish spinal reconstruction including hands-on, table-assisted and instrument adjusting. In our clinic we incorporate CBP, in addition to other chiropractic techniques. Patients are also engaged in the process with Spinal Reconstruction Exercises which are prescribed and specific to each individual’s need.

In our clinic, we incorporate the most current and advanced chiropractic techniques known to our profession to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine. We believe this is the best and most comprehensive approach to health of the spine and nerve system, for both short symptom relief and a lifetime of good health.

Real Results - Case study Kelsey G.

Kelsey G. - 21 year old

Chief Complaint: 2-3 years of chronic daily headaches, constant neck pain, facial pain

History: Motor Vehicle Accident in 2013 (whiplash), previous fall down stairs and plays rugby. 

Life Implications: Poor sleep, fatigued, depression, consuming antiinflammatories & pain killers regularly.

Diagnosis: Vertebral Subluxation - cervical spine curve reversal (kyphosis) and anterior head translation.  

Chiropractic Care Program:  Jan 30/14-Jan 26/15, 95 chiropractic adjustments using Gonstead & Chiropractic Biophysis techniques with home exercise program using Dennerol neck orthotic to improve cervical lordosis.  

Results:  Improved cervical lordosis.  Decreased cervical spinal cord tension.  HEADACHES & NECK PAIN GONE!  Off all meds! More energy, improved sleep, concentration.  No depressions.  More joy!


Real Results - Josh R.

Josh R. - 14 year old

Chief Complaint:  Periodic headaches, backaches, blurred vision, allergies and poor immunity

Life Implications:  Frequent sick days and absent from school.  

History:  No major traumas.  Childhood ear and sinus problems. 

Diagnosis:  Vertebral Subluxation - double curvature of spine (scoliosis) 

Chiropractic Care Program:  Beginning Sept 20/05 began spinal reconstruction program.  Received 75 adjustments within the year.  Gonstead, Diversified and Chiropractic Biophysics techniques used.  Home exercises prescribed (mirror imaging). 

Results:  Significant correction of Vertebral Subluxations and scoliosis.  Improved immunity, decreased frequency of headaches and backaches.  Decrease sick days from school!

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