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{{Sitting IS The New Smoking}}



“Sitting increased risk for diabetes, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”
University of Missouri Research

“Those who sat four or more hours a day were more likely to have developed heart disease, diabetes, or another chronic disease than those who sat less than four hours a day.”
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2013

“Sitting is responsible for 170,000 cases of cancer every year.”
American Journal of Epidemiology

“Sitting is the New Smoking.”
Ann Intern Med. 2015; 162(2):123-132.



Excellent posture not only looks great but excellent posture also leads to excellent health.  Science is proving this over and over.  And it is unfortunate that people with good posture stand out so much today because it’s become so rare.  Increased amounts of time on phones and in front of computers for people of all ages plays a huge role in the poor posture epidemic.


One study determined that people who sat 4 hours or more a day were more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic diseases than people who sat less than 4 hours.  Another study concluded that the slumped forward shoulder posture specifically associates with an increased rate of death due to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).  These important findings illuminate the value of healthy posture and alignment habits for good overall health and longevity.  The threat of  back or neck pain is only a small part of the health risks involved with bad posture.  What’s significantly worse is internal health issues related to organs and body systems, not the least of which could be an increased death rate due to atherosclerosis.


The majority of people only focus on posture as it pertains to cosmetics and appearances, completely unaware of the deleterious effect bad posture has on their health.  Regular Chiropractic adjustments can change the alignment of the spine with specialized techniques that can correct areas of spinal stress called subluxations that can dramatically improve your posture.


Other keys to improving posture include:

1)  Make simple changes to the home or work station which ensures good posture and spinal support when sitting in front of a computer.

2)  Watch less TV.

3)  Take 2 short walks per day - studies show more frequent walks provide better benefits than 1 longer walk.  Maybe, take the stairs?  In short, BE ACTIVE - REGULARLY.

4)  Maintain regular Chiropractic visits to ensure better alignment and nervous system balance.

5)  And… Drink more water throughout the day.  Water lubricates the body’s discs and joints.


Change your posture - Change your Health.

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