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I had the opportunity a couple months back to spend 11 hours listening to one of the brightest, well spoken, educated scholars on neurology, anatomy, disease and how subluxations play a role in our health. Basically, in a nutshell, he gave hours of detailed explanation of why and how subluxations affect how long we will live, how we recover from injury, how we deal with stress, even how emotionally stable we are with our families…incredible, incredible stuff. To be honest, I knew the devastating effects of subluxations before but it has stirred up my heart. It is amazing to know that everything and I mean that everything is affected when we are subluxated. Subluxations are a contributing cause of disease.

That being said, I really need to ask you something. Something that’s hard and uncomfortable for me to ask, and that’s this…why doesn’t everyone you know, or at least everyone in your family gets adjusted? First off, I don’t mean why they are not patients in our office. I couldn’t care less about that. What I’m trying to understand is why they are not under corrective chiropractic care somewhere? This is not about our office, or about having them as “our patient”. It’s about them getting checked for subluxations period. I know, some of you think; well they work out, they don’t have any pain, they never get sick, they eat well, they are so young, they are so old, they…the list goes on and on. I understand that some people may think that is all there is to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that some people are doing things that keep them fit. But what I’m talking about is their
spine and nerve system staying healthy.

For most, I think the most common answer to why is either: understanding or money. (Maybe even both) 

So I want to address the understanding issue. If someone knew, I mean really knew, or better yet understood that Subluxations shorten their life, cause disease, not just pain every now and then but real tangible life-threatening diseases, would they be getting adjusted then? I have to assume the answer would be of course. Well, then the real reason they are not getting adjusted is that we have not done a good enough job explaining to you how serious subluxations are. For that, we are sorry. We take responsibility because it’s our “job” to educate you. To tell you that subluxations limit the body’s ability to be and stay well and that they need to be dealt with regardless of age.

That said, we want you to know that we will do anything and everything we can to help you and those you love life a longer healthier life. We want to tell you that subluxations are an underlying cause of sickness and disease. And although that may sound harsh, they are silent killers, slowing chocking off the message from your brain to your body. Limiting your body’s ability to function optimally, repair tissue and stay in a state of wellness.

So get those you love checked for Subluxation now! Not when they feel off, or when something goes wrong. Now so we can prevent things from going wrong! So think about your health and your life going forward. Consider what path you want to pick…get sick and try and recover or get well and stay that way.

Perhaps this 2010 study on retirement living will help you decide which path is the one you should choose to start walking down.
-In Ontario, 1 out of every 7 people entering a retirement home is under the age of 65.
-In Canada, 53% of those entering a retirement home die within 6 months.
-In Canada, 65% die within one year.
-The average length of stay in a retirement home is 5 months.

Our health is a sum of our past actions. What we do now determines the kind of health and lives we have later.

Blessings Team


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