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Unwell??  Why you NEED to get Adjusted More


 Society teaches us that when we’re ‘under the weather’ or ‘sick’, (Expressing health is what we call it), that we should stay home from work, or school and cancel any appointments we have until we feel better.  We see that here too.  Someone calls us saying “I can’t make it in today, I’m sick.”  While we understand where that’s coming from, you feel like crap and you don’t want to spread any germs, it is ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG THING TO DO.  If you’re expressing health and fighting something like a cold or flu, your body needs all the help it can get.  So your adjustment which can be a huge help in getting your immune system juiced up will be just the thing you need.  Here’s why.

  More and more research is piling up to show the beneficial effect of Chiropractic adjustments on our immune system.  Here are 2 biggies.  Dr. Pat Brennan conducted a landmark Immune study showing an immediate burst of immune cell activity measured just minutes after a chiropractic adjustment.  You can probably gather a researcher wouldn’t use the term ‘boost' unless there was a big change in immune cells after the adjustment.  Who wouldn’t want such an Immune boost when they’re feeling unwell? 

   Findings from this next researcher were even more compelling.  Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D., at the time, Chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine at New York University found that the adjustment-induced immune boost wasn’t just temporary.  The benefits lasted and even grew with long-term care.  In his initial three-year study of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more, chiropractic patients were found to have a 200% greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic care, and a 400% greater immune competence than people with cancer and other serious diseases.  And Dr. Pero found the immune system superiority of chiropractic patients did not diminish with age.  Pero stated:  “I have never seen a group other than this chiropractic group to experience a 200% increase over the normal patients.”

    So here’s the take home.  Your chiropractic adjustments significantly boost your immune system within minutes of you getting adjusted.   What’s more, keeping your spine well-adjusted over time can give you up to 2-4 times the immune capacity of someone who’s never been adjusted.  So if you’re ever expressing health and think you don’t even want to leave the house, the one thing you should do is get adjusted.   Keep your appointment.  Even better, add one.  Your immune system will love you for it.  Don’t worry about us, we’re not worried.  We walk our talk and we’ve been getting adjusted for years.  And if you’re really bad, just let us know we’ll get you in and out quickly.  Because we really do care and we want to do whatever we can to help you through it.  We want you to be a poster child of great health.